New COPIM Report on Community Governance of Open Infrastructures

« We are pleased to announce the release of a new COPIM report exploring better practices for the community governance of open infrastructures. This report is one of the major deliverables of our Community Governance Work Package (WP4).
Towards Better Practices for the Community Governance of Open Infrastructures, has been authored by Patrick Hart, Janneke Adema, and the COPIM project, and incorporates specialist feedback from COPIM’s WP4 (on Community Governance), and COPIM’s Humanities Commons Governance Working Group. This research report serves as a resource for both those interested in setting up forms of community governance for their open infrastructure projects, and for COPIM and its future governance community, documenting the process by which the project itself has developed its community governance structures, mostly in relationship to the project as a whole, and to the Open Book Collective (OBC) platform and collective. The report considers various theoretical debates around the politics of infrastructure; the idea of community-led; representation, diversity, and equity; values and principles; voting and consensus; and maintenance and assessment, while also providing links to existing literature, tools, and resources that will help projects develop their own governance. (…) »

source >, Janneke Adema, 3 mai 2022