3rd ESFRI RIs -EOSC Workshop: What does EOSC bring to RI users? 25 & 26 January 2022 [vidéos]

« The main focus of the 3rd workshop is on how the RI communities and researchers can use and benefit from EOSC, getting added value. Besides the general benefits of EOSC towards open science and “FAIRification” of data and services, it is considered that the daily use of EOSC Exchange and concrete tools by the RI users for intra and interdisciplinary research will also greatly benefit EOSC, in becoming useful and effective, contributing towards its sustainability.

There are two main elements in the connection of RIs to EOSC: RIs as data producers/service providers (offering data/services to EOSC) and RIs as users of generic (non-thematic) EOSC services (consuming services from the EOSC Core and the integrated projects such as EOSC Future). In an effort to shift attention towards the (required) added value of EOSC for the RI communities and end users, this workshop will focus mainly on the second element.

To this aim, some of the points that will be highlighted during this workshop are:

  • The connection of RIs to EOSC, both ESFRI and other world-class RIs
  • The added value of EOSC for the RI communities and end users. I.e., what does EOSC bring to (users of) international RIs
  • Bringing international RIs up to speed on Open Science and the FAIR policy agenda, including concrete paradigms from young researchers presenting their work on Open Science and FAIR data, with possible achievements, may have positive effects on high-level RI/lab managers.
  • The co-creation between providers and users of the EOSC vision, in terms of service portfolio for the users (…) »

source > youtube.com ESFRI - Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures , 9 mars 2022