RDA Open Call for RDA Communities of Practice #1

« RDA is running a series of Open Calls, in the context of the EOSC Future project, to further enable integration and take-up of EOSC services. The purpose of these grants is to engage communities outside of EOSC, encourage adoption of EOSC solutions and a wider participation to EOSC.

In this context a series of targeted calls around setting up RDA Communities of Practice is launched. This call iteration specifically targets individuals or groups looking to establish RDA Communities of Practice in support of EOSC.

RDA Communities of Practice (CoP) investigate, discuss and provide knowledge and skills within a specific discipline and/or research domain. Composed of experts from that area, CoPs are committed to directly or indirectly enabling data sharing, exchange and/or interoperability by serving as THE coordination focal point for RDA in those specific disciplines/research domains. (…) »

source > eoscfuture-grants.eu, 2022