Data management plans: one tool with many applications

« Data Management Plans (DMP) play an important role for planning and conducting research activities and more and more researchers are facing requirements by their institution or funding agency for writing such a plan. Thereby, they are often misunderstood as an administrative task. Instead, DMPs are a powerful tool for efficient and secure collaboration and for the creation of research outputs of better quality and higher impact. A DMP will also help you to develop strategies for sharing and publishing your research data as openly as possible (and protecting them, when necessary). In this session, we will introduce the typical components of a DMP and discuss how the plan can be used actively throughout a research project. It will be targeted towards PhD students, but it will also be relevant for anyone working with research data. (…) »

source >, Huser, Falco, Valencia, Océane, & Arènes, Cécile. (2022, January 10). Data management plans: one tool with many applications. Zenodo.