Developing an open science ‘mindset’

« Identification of widespread biases present in reported research findings in many scientific disciplines, including psychology, such as failures to replicate and the likely extensive application of questionable research practices, has raised serious concerns over the reliability and trustworthiness of scientific research. This has led to the development of, and advocacy for, open science practices, including data, materials, analysis, and output sharing, pre-registration of study predictions and analysis plans, and increased access to published research findings. Implementation of such practices has been enthusiastic in some quarters, but literacy in, and adoption of, these practices has lagged behind among many researchers in the scientific community (…) »

source >, Martin S. Hagger (2022) Developing an open science ‘mindset’, Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, 10:1, 1-21, DOI: 10.1080/21642850.2021.2012474