ESFRI Roadmap & Strategy report 2021

This Strategy Report consists of four interconnected parts. First, it describes the MAIN FEATURES AND OUTCOMES OF THE ROADMAP 2021. Secondly, it presents WHAT IS NEW IN THE ROADMAP 2021 edition in comparison to its predecessor. In the third part, it analyses the LESSONS LEARNT from this Roadmap and from the work of ESFRI over the last three years. The final part provides a strategic outlook into the future, identifying the key challenges for the RI policy in the coming years, CHALLENGES AND STRATEGY FOR THE FUTURE. This strategic outlook is particularly important as the fast evolving RI ecosystem is challenged by changing external circumstances and ESFRI needs to react to those changes in order to be capable of maintaining its capability to provide timely and relevant strategic advice and to stimulate further development of the RI ecosystem in Europe.

source >, 7 sécembre 2021