Contours of citizen science: a vignette study

« Citizen science has expanded rapidly over the past decades. Yet, defining citizen science and its boundaries remained a challenge, and this is reflected in the literature—for example in the proliferation of typologies and definitions. There is a need for identifying areas of agreement and disagreement within the citizen science practitioners community on what should be considered as citizen science activity. This paper describes the development and results of a survey that examined this issue, through the use of vignettes—short case descriptions that describe an activity, while asking the respondents to rate the activity on a scale from ‘not citizen science’ (0%) to ‘citizen science’ (100%). (…) »

source >, Haklay Muki, Fraisl Dilek, Greshake Tzovaras Bastian, Hecker Susanne, Gold Margaret, Hager Gerid, Et al., 2021. Contours of citizen science: a vignette study. R. Soc. open sci. 8: 202108. 202108.