VOSviewer goes online!

« (…) Our VOSviewer software enables visualizations of bibliometric networks to be explored interactively. Nevertheless, VOSviewer visualizations often end up as static images in blog posts, research articles, policy reports, and PowerPoint presentations. In this way the visualizations lose a lot of their value, and in the end they may indeed be “just nice to look at but not useful or helpful”.
To address this problem, we have developed VOSviewer Online, a web-based version of VOSviewer released today. Using VOSviewer Online, visualizations of bibliometric networks can be explored interactively in a web browser. This makes it much easier to share interactive visualizations, and it reduces the need to show static images.
VOSviewer Online can also be used to embed interactive visualizations in a web page. As an example, below we use VOSviewer Online to present an interactive visualization of a co-authorship network of authors of articles published in Quantitative Science Studies and Scientometrics in 2020 and 2021. The network was constructed based on Dimensions data. (…) »

source > leidenmadtrics.nl, CWTS development, 16 juillet 2021