[#OpenScienceUN] 2nd United Nations Open Science Conference « From tackling the pandemic to addressing climate change », 21-23 July 2021

« From Tackling the Pandemic to Addressing Climate Change, policy makers, main IGO actors, librarians, publishers and research practitioners will engage into a public dialogue focusing on what Open Science has learned from Covid-19 and how this can be applied into actions addressing the global climate crisis, at the interface of science, technology, policy and research.
This three-day Conference organized by the Department of Global Communications, Dag Hammarskjöld Library and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division of Sustainable Development Goals will bring the global discussion on open science and climate action to the United Nations and highlight national and IGO policies and Open Science initiatives from around the world. In cooperation with the global Open Science and Open Scholarship community, the Conference will also engage with early career leaders advancing openness in research and education at a time of lockdowns, and invite them into conversation with established leaders and policy makers in this key area for the UN 2030 Agenda »

source > un.org, 2021