How repositories can increase their FAIR share

« To better support wider sharing and reuse of research data, many organisations and research groups are developing strategies to foster a FAIR data culture – i.e., one where data are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Repositories play a central role in enabling FAIR data practice and open scholarship. During last year’s Open Repositories conference, the European Commission funded FAIRsFAIR project shared a draft transition programme which is intended to support repositories on their journeys to become more FAIR-enabling by developing guidance and sharing examples of good practice in relation to supporting the production and use of FAIR data. In 2021’s follow-up workshop we share lessons learned in a more intimate collaboration with ten repositories and introduce two online tools for FAIR data assessment. (…) »

source >, Grootveld, Marjan, Herterich, Patricia, Dimper, Rudolf, Rouchon, Olivier, Verburg, Maaike, & Sutton-Long, Peter. (2021). How repositories can increase their FAIR share. Presented at the Open Repositories 2021 (OR 2021), Virtual: Zenodo.