Goodbye, Microsoft Academic – Hello open research infrastructure

« The announcement of the closure of Microsoft Academic later this year, may have left the research community largely unmoved, although its demise has significant implications for those working with the service’s substantial database. Here, Aaron Tay, Alberto Martín-Martín, and Sven E. Hug¸ discuss what set Microsoft Academic apart from its competitors and the potential consequences of Microsoft’s withdrawal from scholarly metadata for the development of open research infrastructures. (…)
In the end, Microsoft’s project has demonstrated that it is not enough to make a database publicly available – a database must also be sustainable. If we want open and sustainable databases, it would probably be a good idea to invest more time and resources in building them. And to begin with, we could support, for example, those who plan to build an open-source and free to use replacement for Microsoft Academic. »

source >, Aaron Tay, Alberto Martín-Martín, Sven E. Hug, 27 mai 2021