« The DRIS+ project: Preparing CRIS Systems for Interoperability with OpenAIRE via the euroCRIS Directory of Research Information Systems (DRIS) » [vidéo]

« The euroCRIS DRIS+ project to enhance the Directory of Research Information Systems (DRIS) was funded by OpenAIRE under its Open Innovation Call. Besides growing the DRIS by adding new entries and implementing specific features like geolocation and the OpenAIRE and RDM+ badges, the main goal of the project, which ran from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021, was to implement a REST API on top of the DRIS that enabled the remote retrieval of specific metadata for the CRIS records held in the directory. This was seen as a key improvement in the information exchange workflows that will eventually allow CRIS systems to become certified OpenAIRE providers. (…) »

source > youtube.com, euroCRIS, Pablo de Castro, Jan Dvorak , 18 mai 2021