New academy will strengthen data science in Denmark

« In recent years, public and private actors have invested significantly in research projects and initiatives to strengthen Denmark’s international position in data science research. The combination of extensive digitalization, electronic data sources of good quality and strong technology-driven companies provide an excellent basis for Denmark to benefit from the new technological opportunities in data science, including the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, too few data scientists are being trained to cover future needs, and knowledge sharing and collaboration in Denmark’s data science community needs to be bolstered to enable Denmark to compete with the leading global regions.
The Novo Nordisk Foundation and VILLUM FONDEN are therefore awarding DKK 184.3 million to establish a new Danish Data Science Academy that will bring together and strengthen the many actors and stakeholders within academia, hospitals and the business community in Denmark. The Academy will be based at the Technical University of Denmark. (…) »

source >, 5 mai 2021