EOSC-Nordic: FAIRification STEP 2 on DATA / METADATA webinar

« On February 3, 2021, data repository representatives from across the Nordics and Baltics participated in a FAIRification webinar organised by the EOSC-Nordic project. The webinar was the second in a series of multiple steps and focused on the machine-actionable split between Data and Metadata. The idea of concentrating on metadata as a second topic originated from the project team’s exhaustive FAIR maturity evaluation in April 2020. One of the survey conclusions was that a large percentage of the data repositories included in the sample did not pass the test on FAIR Principle F3. The FAIR Principle (F3) states that metadata needs to clearly and explicitly include the identifier of the data they describe. (…) »

source > eosc-nordic.eu, 19 février 2021