NISO RP-31-2021, Reproducibility Badging and Definitions

« Reproducibility, the practice of validating prior research through the sharing of data and methods, is a topic that has been discussed within the scholarly research community for more than twenty years. Recently, funding agencies and publishers have accelerated efforts to stimulate reproducibility.
Critical to the issue are the definitions used to define the various levels of reproducibility, and agreement on a standardized badging scheme that can be applied in the publishing process (and perhaps used as a currency in the academic rewards culture). As publishers and researchers begin to implement reproducibility practices, recognition and reward schemes and the related taxonomies are developing on an ad hoc basis, creating a need for some standardization.
This recommended practice is an effort to develop common recognition practices, vocabulary, and iconography used to facilitate the sharing of data and methods. (…) »

source >, 15 janvier 2021