The Science of Citizen Science

« Citizen science broadly refers to the active engagement of the general public in scientific research tasks. Citizen science is a growing practice in which scientists and citizens collaborate to produce new knowledge for science and society. Although citizen science has been around for centuries, the term citizen science was coined in the 1990s and has gained popularity since then. Recognition of citizen science is growing in the fields of science, policy, and education and in wider society. It is establishing itself as a field of research and a field of practice, increasing the need for overarching insights, standards, vocabulary, and guidelines. In this editorial chapter we outline how this book is providing an overview of the field of citizen science. (…) »

source > Katrin VohlandAnne Land-ZandstraLuigi CeccaroniRob LemmensJosep PerellóMarisa PontiRoeland SamsonKatherin Wagenknecht, 12 janvier 2021,