Novel EOSC Services for Space Challenges: The NEANIAS First Outcomes

« The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative faces the challenge of developing an agile, fit-for-purpose, and sustainable service-oriented platform that can address the evolving needs of scientific communities. The NEANIAS project plays an active role in the materialization of the EOSC ecosystem by actively contributing to the technological, procedural, strategic and business development of EOSC. We present the first outcomes of the NEANIAS activities relating to co-design and delivery of new innovative services for space research for data management and visualization (SPACE-VIS), map making and mosaicing (SPACE-MOS) and pattern and structure detection (SPACE-ML). We include a summary of collected user requirements driving our services and methodology for their delivery, together with service access details and pointers to future works. (…) »

source >, Eva Sciacca, Mel Krokos, Ugo Becciani, Cristobal Bordiu, Filomena Bufano, Alessandro Costa, Carmelo Pino, 19 janvier 2021 arXiv:2101.07639v1