Crossref: New public data file: 120+ million metadata records

« (…) Last year’s file was 112 million records and 65GB. Just nine months later (though it feels longer than that!), the new file is over 120 million records and over 102GB. That’s all of the Crossref records ever registered up to and including January, 7, 2021. We continue to see around 10% growth in records each year––and while journal articles account for most of the volume, preprints and book chapters are two of our fast-growing content types. In addition to the growth in the number of records, many of the records are getting bigger and better as members look at their participation report and understand the value of enriching metadata records for distribution throughout the scholarly ecosystem. Elsevier recently opened its references, enriching over 12 million records.  A number of members, including Royal Society, Sage, Emerald, OUP, World Scientific and more have started adding abstracts which now number over 9 million.

source >, Jennifer Kemp, 19 janvier 2021