The Impacts of COVID-19 on Academic Library Budgets: Fall 2020

« The pandemic has wrought profound disruption on the academic sector. In the United States, impacts on face-to-face instruction and the residential model have resulted in substantial challenges to the student experience, while setbacks to scientific research and researchers themselves are no less significant. Increasing costs of retooling campuses and declining revenues from a variety of sources have caused significant anxiety and very real cutbacks. In early May here at The Scholarly Kitchen, one of us provided a primer for forecasting budgets in the US higher education sector, and subsequently we have dug deeply into institutional budgets for a number of commissioned projects. Today, we are able to share findings from a major research project about the budget situation in US academic libraries, from an out-of-cycle edition of the Ithaka S+R US Library Survey that we conducted this fall. (…) »

source >, Jennifer Frederick, Roger C. Schonfeld, Christine Wolff-Eisenberg, 9 décembre 2020