The State of Open Data 2020

« The 2020 State of Open Data report provides an interesting lens to view how far open research has come, and to look at opportunities for improvement in data sharing. Every time we push science forward, we should also both reflect the past and predict the future benefits and challenges of our actions. 2020 has offered tests and trials like no other in my lifetime. This time has also shone a light into the gaps in our thinking as well as in our progress towards open research. This fifth edition of the State of Open Data report reveals the current thinking on open science from a global pool of over 4,500 respondents. (…) »

source >, Digital Science, Mark Hahnel, Leslie McIntosh Borrelli, Alan Hyndman, Grace Baynes, Merce Crosas, Brian Nosek, Kathleen Shearer, Mariette van Selm, Greg Goodey, Nature Research, 1er décembre 2020,