Integrating Metadata Catalogues to Support Cross-disciplinary FAIR Uptake

« A new report from FAIRsFAIR outlines a proposal to improve cross-disciplinary FAIR uptake amongst key EU-funded projects.
The report is D3.6 Proposal on integration of metadata catalogues to support cross-disciplinary FAIR uptake, and the authors, Eva Méndez, Tony Hernandez, Angus Whyte, and Joy Davidson describe a pilot project to integrate the metadata of the five « ESFRI cluster projects » EOSC-LifePaNOSCSSHOCENVRIFAIR, and ESCAPE. Respectively, these projects represent the life science, photon & neutron, social science & humanities, environmental research, and astrophysics domains. (…) »

source >, 27 novembre 2020