National Open Research Analytics (NORA) [Denmark]

The National Open Research Analytics (NORA) is a prototype built with Dimensions data and open software tools for Denmark for the years 2014-2019. NORA provides curated research analytics for stakeholders such as universities, hospitals, and governmental institutions. NORA is one of the outcomes of the OPERA project (Open Research Analytics) The NORA prototype was launched in November 2020. (…)
The NORA pilot is an attempt to develop an analytical overview of the research landscape of the Danish universities and hospitals. NORA will focus on comprehensive coverage of metadata, citations and other impact indicators – on precise search functionalities – and on analytical visualizations giving overviews as well as access to explore the underlying data in full detail.
NORA is based on data on publications, datasets, patents, grants, and clinical trials from the Dimensions database, as well as data from the two Danish national indicators, the Open Access Indicator and the Bibliometric Research Indicator.

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