Swedish researchers’ responses to the cancellation of the big deal with Elsevier

« In 2018, the Swedish library consortium, Bibsam, decided to cancel big deal subscriptions with Elsevier. Many researchers (n = 4,221) let their voices be heard in a survey on the consequences of the cancellation. Almost a third of them (n = 1,241) chose to leave free-text responses to the survey question ‘Is there anything you would like to add?’. A content analysis on these responses resulted in six themes and from these, three main conclusions are drawn. (…) »

source > insights.uksg.org, Olsson, Lisa, Camilla Lindelöw, Lovisa Österlund, and Frida insights.uksg.org, Jakobsson. 2020. “Swedish Researchers’ Responses to the Cancellation of the Big Deal with Elsevier”. Insights 33 (1): 25. DOI: http://doi.org/10.1629/uksg.521