What Do Libraries Keep When They Cancel the Big Deal?

« There are so many questions one can ask. Do more generous green open access policies carve out the value of subscriptions and make them vulnerable to cancellation? Are libraries overly focused on certain criteria and ignoring others? What about the role of the librarian in collection development and building a collection for the long-term? What criteria do libraries use in selecting which titles to retain? What happens to the journals that don’t get picked up as individual subscriptions? Will certain journals lose out and possibly cease to exist because libraries pick the same journals to retain?
The universe of libraries that even have Big Deal contracts that might be broken is relatively limited; some research libraries have never been able to afford the Big Deal. Nonetheless, examining those that unbundle can give us some empirical insight into the dynamics at play.
Today I share the results of looking at the retained title lists from seven libraries that walked away from Elsevier’s Big Deal package. (…) »

source > scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, 14 juillet 2020