The TRIPLE project: Building a discovery platform to enhance collaboration

« Social Sciences and Humanities research is divided across a wide array of disciplines, sub-disciplines and languages. While this specialisation makes it possible to investigate the extensive variety of SSH topics, it also leads to a fragmentation that prevents SSH research from reaching its full potential. Use and reuse of research is suboptimal, interdisciplinary collaboration possibilities are often missed partially because of missing standards and referential keys between disciplines. Often, the reuse of data may paradoxically complicate a relevant sorting of data and a trust relationship between researchers. As a result, societal, economic and academic impacts are limited. Conceptually, there is a wealth of transdisciplinary collaborations, but in practice there is a need to help researchers and research institutions to connect them and support them, to prepare the research data for these overarching approaches and to make them findable and usable. The TRIPLE (Targeting Researchers through Innovative Practices and Linked Exploration) project is a practical answer to the above issues, as it aims at designing and developing the European discovery platform dedicated to Social Sciences and Humanities resources. (…) »

source >, Blotière, Emilie; Dumouchel, Suzanne; Barbot, Laure; Breitfuss, Gert; Chen, Yin; Di Donato, Francesca; Forbes, Paula; Petitfils, Clara; Pohle, Stefanie, International Conference on ICT enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities 2020 (ICTeSSH2020), Online, 29 June-1 July 2020 (Session Day 3), 10.5281/zenodo.3925735