#openVirus – Knowledge in the Hands of Citizens

« openVirus is innovating new types of search for research literature using data mining technologies to enable citizens to make use of scientific knowledge. (…) »
openVirus works by speedily downloading papers as full-text from open repositories (EuropePMC, bioriv and medrxiv, DOAJ, EThOS, Redalyc (MX), etc.) at an average rate of fifty papers a second, then searching those papers on your local machine with ‘dictionaries’, that you build or use from others based on Wikidata’s 50 million items. Searches can be pinpointed on parts of a document for example graphs or conclusions and the indexing using Wikidata allows for semantic queries, e.g., if you had a question about COVID-19 infection rates and altitude Wikidata can return all city names over 2000 meters with a population over 50,000. New types of search are important as it enables scientific knowledge to be put into action, allowing someone — a citizen outside of academia — to share research related to an idea they are working on with others, which importantly is still linked and identified with its source — say EuropePMC. (…) »

source > genr.eu, 23 juin 2020, DOI 10.25815/18ph-6j92