FREE UKSG webinar – Preprints are Changing the Landscape – May 13 2020

« This webinar consists of three presentations
Preprints: where are we now?
Jessica Polka, PhD, Executive Director, ASAPbio
What are preprints, and why are they growing so rapidly in many disciplines? Focusing on the life sciences, I’ll provide an overview of the kinetics of their adoption as well as key policy developments by funders, universities, journals, and infrastructure providers. (…)

Preprints – Finding their place in scholarly research
Judy Luther, President, Informed Strategies LLC
The rapid adoption of preprints across disciplines has shifted the landscape of scholarly publishing. Preprints are part of a larger transition to include born digital works emerging from the scholarly workflow, challenging assumptions, altering reference points and raising questions about processes.

An academic’s experience of preprints
Prof. Stephen J. Royle, Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, Warwick Medical School, UK
Preprints are changing the way we do science. They have positively disrupted scientific publishing and shaken up other many aspects of the research enterprise such as research evaluation during hiring and promotion. Stephen will talk about his experiences with bioRxiv, the main preprint server in biology. (…) »


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