Research Data Alliance (RDA) : Working Groups and Case Statements

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This webpage provides an overview for Working Groups and Case Statements.

The core of Research Data Alliance activity will take place through Working Groups. Membership in RDA Working Groups is open to all RDA members. To “join” the RDA, individuals are asked to register on the RDA website and support the RDA Guiding Principles. RDA Working Group members are expected to a) commit their time and effort to making the WG successful, and b) intend to carry out the “action plan” of the WG within their home organization / institution / group to the best of their abilities. Each approved RDA WG should include adopters for the stated outcomes and deliverables and members who can make substantial impact through efforts within their home organization, institution, or group. It is expected that RDA working group constituencies will be international and multi-sector.

The RDA Working Group members are expected to carry out the “action plan” of the Working Group “under normal circumstances” with the understanding that for some members, only limited action may be possible by the time the Working Group completes its work.

The Case Statement describes the Working Group’s beneficiaries, goals, outcomes, and operational approach. Note that the intent of these guidelines is not to prescribe a particular mode of operation, but rather to assist you in thinking through and articulating your approach.

We are beginning to work with groups who have registered their interest in Research Data Alliance Working Groups. We have also set up forum infrastructure to facilitate the operations of Working Groups. Registration for this system is now open. For more detailed information on Working Groups please see the following more specific pages.

  • Working Group Process
  • Goals and Outcomes
  • Preparing Case Statements
  • Current Candidate Working Groups

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