Going Green. Publishing Academic Grey Literature in Laboratory Collections on HAL

« HAL is the national open repository for documents and data from French scientists. The deposits are organized in institutional portals and collections from research laboratories and projects. The paper analyses how grey literature is represented in the collections of French research laboratories on HAL. We assess the grey literature deposits on HAL from the 66 research laboratories affiliated to the University of Lille, covering all STM and SSH fields. The focus is on conference papers, reports, working papers, theses and dissertations. The study distinguishes between deposits of documents and records without documents, compares deposits from different disciplines, different laboratory collections and different document types. (…) »

source > hal.archives-ouvertes.fr, Joachim Schöpfel, Hélène Prost, El Hadji Ibrahima Ndiaye, GL21 International Conference on Grey Literature, 22-23 October 2019, Hannover (Germany), Oct 2019, Hannover, Germany. ⟨hal-02300017⟩