What is text, really? TEI and beyond (TEI 2019) September 16 – 20, University of Graz, Austria

« The development of the TEI and the discussions around it have shown how manifold text(s) can be, and how far-reaching the TEI approach is. Thus, this year’s theme ‘What is text, really?’ poses a fundamental question, which goes beyond the pure reference to the seminal 1990 paper by DeRose, Durand, Mylonas, and Renear. They answered it somewhat pragmatically introducing a model for text as an ordered hierarchy of content objects which can easily be formalised with digital technologies, but, as they said later on: text can be much more than that. Text encoding can make various aspects of texts explicit, enabling scholars to examine their nature and their relationship with other objects. »

source > zenodo.org/communities, contributions to the TEI Conference and Members Meeting 2019 "What is Text, really? TEI and beyond" at the University of Graz.