FAIR Convergence Matrix: Optimizing the Reuse of Existing FAIR-Related Resources

« (…) In an effort to accelerate broad community convergence on FAIR implementation options, the GO FAIR community has launched the development of the FAIR Convergence Matrix. The Matrix is a platform that compiles for any community of practice, an inventory of their self-declared FAIR implementation choices and challenges. The Convergence Matrix is itself a FAIR resource, openly available, and encourages voluntary participation by any self-identified community of practice (not only the GO FAIR Implementation Networks). Based on patterns of use and reuse of existing resources, the Convergence Matrix supports the transparent derivation of strategies that optimally coordinate convergence on standards and technologies in the emerging Internet of FAIR Data and Services. (…) »

source > data-intelligence-journal.org, H.P. Sustkova, K.M. Hettne, P. Wittenburg, A. Jacobsen, T. Kuhn, R. Pergl,... & E. Schultes., . Data Intelligence 2(2020), 158–170. doi: 10.1162/dint_a_00038