Raising the Profile of Research Software

« Research software is fundamental to contemporary research, yet it does not receive the recognition it rightfully deserves. This needs to change, particularly in the context of the discussions around open science and reproducibility. We argue that if open science is to truly lead towards better, more transparent, and reproducible research, then research software needs to be treated in equal footing to research data and publications at the policy level.
In this paper, we present a concrete followup to the DORA declaration in the form of recommendations for raising the profile of research software. We divide our recommendations into four categories: Software availability and quality, Software sustainability, Training, and Human capital. (…) »

source > zenodo.org, Akhmerov, Anton, Cruz, Maria, Drost, Niels, Hof, Cees, Knapen, Tomas, Kuzak, Mateusz, … van Werkhoven, Ben. (2019, August 27), (Version 1.0.0). Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3378572