Lessons from a tool of FAIR literacy based on key assessment criteria

« The RDA-SHARC (SHAring Reward & Credit) interest group is an interdisciplinary group endorsed by Research Data Alliance. It intends to improve crediting and rewarding mechanisms for scientists who work towards sharing their data for potential reuse. In this perspective, assessing the compliance with FAIR practices and increasing the understanding of FAIRness criteria are critical steps.
To that aim, a FAIR criteria assessment survey has been launched to seek feedback from the scientific community on intelligible, realistic and human-readable assessment criteria that could help guiding the scientist to follow FAIR practices as much as possible. It should also help the evaluator to objectively achieve his/her task. (…) »

source > zenodo.org, David Romain; Mabile Laurence; Yahia Mohamed; Thomsen Mogens; Cambon-Thomsen Anne; Specht Alison, Open Science FAIR 2019 (OSFair2019), Porto, Portugal, 16-18 september 2019 (Session Poster )