« More than 7 years ago we started the development of Wikidata. We started out with the main goal of building a central data store for Wikipedia. Very quickly we expanded to also covering the other Wikimedia projects. Then came the interest from people outside Wikimedia to use Wikidata’s data to build their own apps, websites, visualisations and more. And last year we witnessed a significant interest in Wikibase, the software behind Wikidata. This means our work has expanded very significantly from what we started out with. We noticed that more and more people need clarity and certainty about where Wikidata and Wikibase are going. Because of this WMDE and WMF started discussing this more deeply and wrote down a lot of the things we have been talking about in the Wikidata and Wikibase communities over the last years. The result of these conversations include one product vision paper and three product strategy papers that we are publishing here. (…) »

source >, 27 aout 2019