Open Science, Open Doctrine, How to Share Knowledge?

« The evolution of Open Science in France is almost completely the result of constant friction with the business models that drive major international publishing houses, where each party has adapted to developments introduced by the other, but also of practical steps taken to ensure that shared documents are efficiently collected and made accessible. This Chapter will provide several examples of the development of Open Science in France, such as the platform How Open Science principles are effectively implemented in the area of legal knowledge in France? What can be done to encourage law scholars to publish their work on a single common platform? And which platform should that be? Should it be improved, and, if so, in what way? Will dialogue resolve conflicts and pave the way for Open Science in a viable economic context? (…) »

source > ebooks.iospress.nlMarie Farge, Jean Gasnault, in: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 2019, Volume 317: Knowledge of the Law in the Big Data Age, p110 - 124, DOI 10.3233/FAIA190013