China’s national library to archive 200 billion Weibo posts in project to preserve country’s digital heritage

« Sina, which had 462 million active users on Weibo at the end of 2018, was chosen as first partner for the initiative because of its enormous trove of data.

The National Library of China will archive over 200 billion public posts on Weibo, the country’s popular Twitter-style microblogging site, as part of an initiative to preserve the digital heritage of the world’s biggest internet population.

More than 210 million news stories published on, the news portal operated by the parent company of Weibo Sina Corp, together with 200 billion public posts on Weibo, will be archived under a non-profit project by the national library, according to a statement on Weibo’s official account on government services. (…) »

source >, Iris Deng, 22 avril 2019