A Hybrid Information Extraction Approach Exploiting Structured Data Within a Text Mining Process

« Many data sets encompass structured data fields with embedded free text fields. The text fields allow customers and workers to input information which cannot be encoded in structured fields. Several approaches use structured and unstructured data in isolated analyses. The result of isolated mining of structured data fields misses crucial information encoded in free text. The result of isolated text mining often mainly repeats information already available from structured data. The actual information gain of isolated text mining is thus limited. The main drawback of both isolated approaches is that they may miss crucial information. The hybrid information extraction approach suggested in this paper adresses this issue. Instead of extracting information that in large parts was already available beforehand, it extracts new, valuable information from free texts. (…) »

source > dl.gi.de/handle, Kiefer, C., Reimann, P. & Mitschang, B., In: Grust, T., Naumann, F., Böhm, A. et al, BTW 2019. Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn. (S. 149-168)