Stéphanie Challita. « Inferring Models from Cloud APIs and Reasoning over Them: A Tooled and Formal Approach » [PhD thesis]

« In recent years, multi-cloud computing which aims to combine different offerings ormigrate applications between different cloud providers, has become a major trend.Multi-clouds improve the performance and costs of cloud applications, and ensuretheir resiliency in case of outages. But with the advent of cloud computing, differ-ent cloud providers with heterogeneous cloud services(compute, storage, network,applications, etc.)and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have emerged.This heterogeneity complicates the implementation of an interoperable multi-cloudsystem. Several multi-cloud interoperability solutions have been developed to ad-dress this challenge. Among these solutions, Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) hasproven to be quite advantageous and is the mostly adopted methodology to rise inabstraction and mask the heterogeneity of the cloud. (…) »

source >, Stéphanie Challita, Software Engineering [cs.SE]. Universite Lille 1, 2018. English.