Harvard Library and MIT Libraries provide recommendations for Plan S implementation

« (…) Harvard Library and the MIT Libraries are committed to fostering a scholarly communications environment which advances the values of openness, equitable access, transparency, responsible stewardship, and flexible reuse. Aligned with these commitments, we are in broad support of Plan S and its goals to ensure that publicly funded research is made openly available to a global audience. We applaud the clear, unmistakable intention behind Plan S: to provide strong, meaningful incentives to make new research open access.

To support the Plan S coalition in realizing its intention, we recommend certain adjustments to the implementation details. We’d like to see Plan S make better use of the global network of open-access repositories. We’d like to see Plan S reinforce and expand – rather than neglect or unintentionally hinder – the power of open-access repositories to democratize access to science and scholarship. We offer these suggestions out of our long experience implementing open-access policies and managing open-access repositories on our campuses. (…) »

source > libraries.mit.edu, 16 janvier 2019