Turning FAIR into reality [Final Report and Action Plan]

« (…) In addressing the remit assigned, the FAIR Data Expert Group chose to take a holistic and systemic approach to describe the broad range of changes required to “turn FAIR data into reality”.
The notions of findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability – and the actions needed to enable them – are so deeply intertwined that it does not make sense to address them individually. Instead, this report focuses on actions needed in terms of research culture and technology to ensure data, code and other research outputs are made FAIR. Research culture and technology are two sides of one whole. Coordinated, simultaneous interventions are needed in each to enable FAIR in this broad sense. (…)
The report makes a number of detailed recommendations and specifies actions for different stakeholder groups to enable the changes required. Implementing FAIR is a significant undertaking and requires changes in terms of research culture and infrastructure provision. These changes are important in the context of the European Open Science Cloud and the direction for European Commission and Member State policy, but go beyond that: FAIR requires global agreements to ensure the broadest interoperability and reusability of data – beyond disciplinary and geographic boundaries.
Twenty-seven recommendations are made, which are grouped into ‘Priority’ and ‘Supporting’ Recommendations. (…) »

source > ec.europa.eu, European Commission Expert Group on FAIR Data, novembre 2018, ISBN 978-92-79-96546-3, doi: 10.2777/1524, KI-06-18-206-EN-N