CLOCKSS Formalizes Long-Standing Commitments from Four Leading Universities to Ensure Perpetual Preservation

« Researchers, librarians, and publishers look to CLOCKSS and other long-term archives to guarantee that the scholarly record will remain intact in a world where rapid change has become a constant. CLOCKSS is taking steps now, as a strong and stable organization, to formalize its Succession Plan and ensure the enduring survival of the scholarly content it preserves.

Four of CLOCKSS’s twelve library nodes have agreed to continue to preserve the digital content that is preserved in CLOCKSS, if the organization were to cease to exist. In that unlikely event, Stanford Libraries (U.S.), Humboldt University (Germany), the University of Edinburgh (U.K.), and the University of Alberta Libraries (Canada) would take over the responsibility and the organization for running the LOCKSS software across the CLOCKSS content, to continue preservation for the future. (…) »

source >, 5 novembre 2018