Federated Identity Management for Libraries: Why and How

« The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) will build a trusted environment for open cross-disciplinary research in Europe. Millions of researchers, science and technology professionals will be able to use the EOSC, and they will be supported by libraries in their natural roles as champions of Open Science infrastructures and tools, promotors of best practices and coordinators of training.

Libraries will, however, need to provide more than training and support if they want to ensure that researchers can seamlessly access publications and data across disciplines and borders.

The availability of a trusted and robust Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) is essential for the sharing of services, resources and research outputs at the scale and level required by the EOSC. Libraries will therefore need to ensure that their research infrastructure resources and services are federated. This step towards AAI and Federated Identity Management (FIM) is every bit as important as the role libraries play in promoting Open Science. (…) »

source > libereurope.eu, Valentino Cavalli, 28 septembre 2018