A tool for visualizing academic synergies

« The Affinity Map showing cross-laboratory collaboration among faculty at EPFL’s School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) is now available to the general public. One of its creators will soon be heading off to MIT on a grant to expand his idea to a global scale. (…)

ENAC’s Affinity Map was driven by the school’s former dean, Marilyne Andersen. It is designed to help ENAC researchers spot potential academic synergies, topics they share with colleagues and possible areas for joint research. The map is fast, intuitive to use and now available to the general public. “This public version is intended to show academic community the potential of data visualization and how it can help encourage research collaboration on a global level,” says Dario Rodighiero, the map’s co-author. (…) »

source > actu.epfl.ch, Sandrine Perroud, 20 septembre 2018