LIBER Webinar: TU Delft’s Data Stewardship Project

« Helping researchers to effectively manage, archive and share their data can be challenging ».

« TU Delft believes that in data management there tend to be very few (if any) one-size fit all solutions. In addition, centralised support does not always find its way to all the departments and faculties. Therefore, there is a need to offer faculty-specific help and to facilitate internal networking in the departments and across the campus.

To do this, TU Delft appointed dedicated Data Stewards within every faculty as part of its Data Stewardship project.

Marta Teperek is leading the project, and during this webinar she will explain who the data stewards are, how they work together and how are they funded. In addition, She will also discuss key challenges for the project and future plans.

Join us on Thursday 13 September at 1500 CET for this webinar, organised by LIBER’s Research Data Management Working Group. (…) »

source >, Août 2018