Books’ relevance in scholarly communication – The case of SciELO Books

« The SciELO Program celebrates 20 years of activity in full process of alignment with the advances of Open Science. For this reason, on September 24th and 25th, eight specialized working groups (WG) have been organized. WG8 will analyze one of the classic types of scientific literature – the academic book.

As stated in the presentation of WG8, “Although present in all areas of knowledge, its relevance in research communication is highlighted with more emphasis in the areas of social sciences, literature, and arts. […] The scope of this working group is to analyze the relevance of the academic book in research communication, the current state and trends of online publication and indexing of academic books in the SciELO Network countries and the challenges for adopting standards that maximize their visibility, use and impact”. (…) »

source >, Ernesto Spinak, 7 août 2018