Open science is all very well but how do you make it FAIR in practice?

« (…) For research to be truly “open” both the findings and the data behind these results need to findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR), which means rethinking the research landscape as it stands. At a recent workshop of world experts organised by McGiIl UniversityThe Wellcome TrustThe Gates FoundationResearch England, and Jisc – part of the defining success in open science project – FAIR success measures and a better understanding of implementation were identified as vital for progress in open science. In order to assess the UK’s progress in this area we commissioned a report, “FAIR in practice”, to take stock of how far FAIR principles are supporting open science, and to better understand how they play out in the research community. (…) »

source >, Rachel Bruce, Bas Cordewener, 26 juillet 2018