Finding scientific terms via the semantic web

« In France, the Institut de l’information scientifique (Inist, Institute of Scientific Information) and the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS, National Centre for Scientific Research) have recently developed a platform where they offer terminological resources from different scientific fields. The name of this platform is Loterre, which is the acronym for Linked Open Terminology Resources.

As the ‘Linked’ in the name implies, the platform is based upon Linked Data, a method for retrieving data that is semantically related. Loterre was conceived as a metaresource which linguists and other professionals can now use to look for scientific terms in different terminological resources simultaneously. Some of these were developed by the Inist, and most of them are actually controlled vocabularies, which facilitate finding terminological data. (…) »

source >, Isabel Bolívar, 30 avril 2018