Fifth Meeting of the Open Science Policy Platform on 2 March 2018

« The Open Science Policy Platform met for the fifth time on 2 March 2018. ( Agenda (PDF icon 137 KB) )

The combined recommendations (PDF icon 363 KB) for the embedding of open Science were presented and adopted.

The OSPP discussed a paper on Citizen Science (PDF icon 124 KB) , which has been adopted by the OSPP.

The OSPP is scheduled to deliver integrated advice on all eight Open Science ambitions by the end of April 2018 for the May Competitiveness Council.

The Minutes (PDF icon 345 KB) of this fifth meeting have also been adopted.

The OSPP Working group reports are respectively: Evaluation of Research Careers fully acknowledging Open Science Practice Awards, incentives and/or recognition for researchers practicing Open Science (PDF icon 646 KB) and Providing researchers with the skills and competencies they need to practice Open Science (PDF icon 140 KB) and have been adopted. »

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