Next Generation Internet – An Open Internet Initiative

« This initiative aims at developing a more human-centric Internet supporting values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness and protection of privacy; giving the control back to the users in order to increase trust in the Internet. It should provide more transparent services, more intelligence, greater involvement and participation, leading towards an Internet that is more open, robust and dependable, more interoperable and more supportive of social innovation. (…)

Each Research and Innovation Action (R&I Action) will focus on a given research domain supporting the objective of a human-centric Internet. It will build a European ecosystem of researchers, innovators and technology developers by selecting and providing financial support to the best projects submitted by third parties in a competitive manner.

Through an agile and flexible process, ‘R&I Actions’ will focus their support on third party projects from outstanding academic research groups, hi-tech startups and SMEs, so that multiple third parties will be funded in parallel contributing to the same research area, using short research cycles targeting the most promising ideas. (…) »

source >, Call ID ICT-24-2018-2019 - CSA Coordination and support action, RIA Research and Innovation action