DARIAH-EU, CRG & GESIS takeover FOSTER social media accounts

« European research communities are moving towards more openness and transparency. In some disciplines Open Access, Open Data and Open Reproducible Research are already standard, for others these components of Open Science are relatively new trends.

In order to bridge this gap FOSTER’s activities target several research communities in particular. Our disciplinary partners ensure that the most relevant and burning questions of the respective research communities are addressed in all our training events and materials.

Taking over FOSTER social media accounts for one week each, CRG (member of ELIXIR), GESIS (member of CESSDA) and DARIAH-EU will help to reach researchers from the life sciences, social sciences and humanities and target these specific audiences with greater impact. We are looking forward to intensify the links to these research communities and go one step further in mainstreaming Open Science practices. (…) »

source > fosteropenscience.eu, hbrinken, 23 février 2018